Position yourself for blessing (Psalm 1:1)

This exciting book of Psalm tells us some requirements for blessing. The word “bless” is one word that everyone actually wants. When you sneeze or cough, you hear the phrase “bless you”. But then if you ask 10 people what the word really means, you are most likely to get 10 different responses! One thing we know though is that blessing is something really good, and that’s the reason everyone wants it. This Chapter of Psalm, tells us what need to be done to be blessed. And surprisingly, it has something to do with where we stand, sit or walk! The man slated for blessing:

  • does not walk in the counsel of the wicked;
  • does not stand in the ways of sinners; and
  • does not sit in the seat of the scornful (scoffers).

It is clear that these all have to do with position. We can conclude from Psalm 1: 1 that there is a place NOT TO position ourselves if we want God to bless us. So, as I come back to this blog after a full year and start thinking of 2013, my first question is, “do I daily position myself for blessing?”  This is a very important question for everyone to ask. Happy New Year.

Ponder these points:

  • who are the wicked, sinners and scoffers?
  • What does it mean to walk in the counsel of the wicked? What informs my walk? what motivates me? why do I do what I do? Remember, God judges intents and thoughts (Hebrew 4:12). If whatever I do, even if it appears good and Godly, is motivated by anything other than God, it is a sin. The good thing I do out of pride, just to show that “I’m the man” are actually bad before God. So, what advises my daily walk?


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Thank you for visiting this blog.  It is so great to know that God has given us the opportunity to carry on our discussions during Thursday bible study online.  I know everyone has questions that may not be adequately answered during the Bible Study, usually because of time limitations.  Well, this is a chance to ask those questions and others.  Be rest assured that the scriptures clearly promise us that the Holy Spirit will teach us all things (John 14:26).  We are depending on God to use this medium to answer many of our questions and build us up in Him.

You are encouraged to post your questions and we will look at the answers in the scriptures.  Of course there are some things we will never know until we get to heaven.  In addition, know that you will not be judged because of your questions.  Feel free to ask whatever questions may be troubling your heart and let’s believe God together for answers that bring growth.

We believe that God will use this blog to plant, water and make to grow. 

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